Monday, March 16, 2009


Max Payne Noir Undercity -Chapter 1 is finished.

Here are the sources:
Feel free to rate the movie on the streaming and download sources.

#Edit: I had requests for the song I produced for my own for this movie (the disco scene song). Unfortunately it's not available in a finished version but nevertherless some of you might be interested in a download source. It's released und GNU-licence :)

List of reviews to Max Payne Noir Undercity

Ahearn on (no direct link so I had to copy this one)
'I am speechless. After watching the prologue back in October, I knew this series would be special but nothing like this. The time, effort, and experience that went into making this movie was impressive. It was like watching a movie or playing a game that had been done by professional game developers. The original soundtrack from Max Payne, mixed with adrenaline rushing action scenes, and a break dancing orc, this movie is definitely a must see. Keep a look out for the next installment from Varath.'


  1. 1st, kudos for your hard work! Mood was good, it is well made. Could have used a few more custom animations but like you said they are hard to do hehe. I am starting to gather research info to make a project of my own in which I want to use WoW models in 3ds Max for custom animations, would it be ok to ask for how you imported the textures n bones for models? And the technique you used for the mesh? I got the base models mesh imported so far but still lack a way to import bones n textures properly and I can only import the basic models "unequiped" so far ...

  2. Hey there,

    first of all, thanks for the feedback on MPNU 1. I've exported bones and meshed via ModelViewer ( But the ModelViewer does not export any animation. So I had to find another way to get my models animated. I've mainly used the original Max Payne bonesets with animations and free motion capture date. I merged them in C4D to fit to each other and then made the bone weighting. I'm not familiar with 3DSmax so I can't help you out with that. I've you have any questions on importing and rigging in C4D that won't be a problem.
    But maybe this great page can help you out:
    This is a WoW-focussed community for 3D animations and other stuff. Most of them use 3DSmax so I think there were a lot of people to help you with any question.

    Hope this will fix your problem.


  3. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction !

    Me and my friend both appreciate :)

  4. Just found out you had a blog. Cool, keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next machinima!(by the way, most of the iterface things are in German like titles and such do you think you could change it to English? Or do you want to keep it German?)

  5. Hey there X-Cross,

    thanks for the post and the interest in my blog.
    I just didn't realise that the blog interface was set up to German language. I changed it to English now. Thanks for the annouce :)

    Best wished