Wednesday, April 7, 2010

VoC II: Voice Actor Auditions needed

Hello everyone,

since about 60% of our upcoming feature length machinima "Veil of Corruption - Chapter II" is finished yet and the script translation work is complete we are looking for some skilled voice actors for English language. We have decided to do both an English and German voiced version this time since we got a huge amount of request to make also an English version of chapter two. Right now we have left some really interesting voice acting roles (some major and some minor roles).

Some facts about Veil of Corruption II:

- feature length movie (about 2 hours)
- rendered in HD ready 720p
- 88 pages script
- nearly 40 different characters with voice acting content
- part two of a trilogy

Some more information about the Veil of Corruption project

Veil of Corruption Chapter I
Title song "Rotten Soul (Lorc's Song)" to VoC II (official first trailer)

So if you like to participate in this project, here is your chance. Take a look at the character discriptions below. Pick one or more characters you think you could speak and record the sample lines. Choose either mp3 or wav format and send your audition to:

You should do a low-noise record and avoid background noise or static noise like e.g. fan-noise or fluctuation noise. Do not use any sound-effects just record you natural voice sound. Also try to avoid pop-sounds while speaking. Use a pop-stopper or if not on-hand put your or your girlfriends nylon between the mic and your mouth :)

Here is a list of the available roles for voice acting

Male characters


Description: Lorc is the main char of our movie. This might be the most difficult role at all. Lorc is a Tauren warrior who's has been High Warlord of the Horde and right hand of Thrall. His wife died because of a connivery within the Horde. In an act of vengeance he attacked Theramore with the Horde army because he thought the the Alliance was reliable for the murder on his wife. But he was wrong and he payed the price for his fault. He was discharged from the army and now lives a solitary life in The Barrens.

Voice acting issues: Lorc should have a warm emotional voice which is deep and rough. You should always hear a little dispair and misery in his voice because he is not over the death of his wife yet. During the development of the story he figures out who's really reliable for his wifes' death. So his voice should more and more change into something I would call "smooth rage". What I mean is that you should hear that his main target becomes vengeance.
Lorc also is the narrator of the story, so you should be able to do some voice acting as story teller.

Voice acting amount: huge

Sample lines:

" I've lost everything. I thought so. But fate forces me to
draw the sword against my beloved ones."

" What's in it for me. Why should I change anything.
Tell me? I was abandoned and forgotten by everyone,
because I wanted it this way. I am a simple man, I don't have many
wishes. Just this one… I want to die, damn it."

" (tragic voice of a story teller)
Valerius. Just a few years ago, we would have bashed each
others skulls. But everything turned out differently than expected. I found a
loyal friend, with whom I sowed the seed of freedom. Alas, even he became a
victim of war. Murdered by my allies, the Forsaken. What irony. Why is he still
here, I don't know. But there are things a simple soldier isn't meant to
understand. There are things a simple soldier doesn't want to understand."

" Now that's an option. He was among the few who stood by my
side as I was expelled from Orgrimmar. And it wouldn't suprise me if he had the necessary contacts to make this work."


Decription: There is no need for a description. The Warchief himself :)

Voice acting amount: average

Sample lines:

" That is a solely political decision Hethu, and I expect you
to respect it and act porperly. Most Forsaken completely back Varath, and
we need their support. Otherwise, the Horde would be fractured, resulting in
even more innocent casualties than even with Varath's most radical plans."

" The Horde must stay united. Without this coalition, we would
be helpless against Tehsaron's forces. That would eventually man the
destruction of our people."


Description: Tehsaron is a human mage who becomes Grand Marshall of the Alliance. He's a servant of the evil power that stands behind the connivery in Veil of Corruption. His goal is power and he leads a bloody raid against the Horde's army and civil population.

Voice acting issues: His voice should be masterful and dominat as long as he's talking to subordinates. When he's talking to the few characters standing above him he is a submissive and grovelling guy. You should alway hear a small touch of rage and hatred in his voice.

Voice acting amount: average

Sample lines:

"(angry and commanding)
What are you talking about morals for. This is for the
survival of our people. Am I not paragon enough for them? I am ready to face my
enemies, by night or by day. Doesn't this suffice as incentive?"

" (sighs)
You seem to be in high spirits. Good. While I work hard here,
you can
relax on your throne in Undercity."


Description: Duratol is an Orc rogue who stands close to Thrall. He is some kind of leader of Thralls personal guard.

Voice acting issues: A rough and military voice should be best.

Voice acting amount: small

Sample lines:

" Lok'tar Ogar, blood and glory, Warlord. You want to see the

Marshall Greyskull

Description: Greyskull is a human warrior who falls into disgrace with Grand Marshall Tehsaron. Once he is degraded by the Grand Marshall he defects to Tehsarons' enemies.

Voice acting issues: Greyskull should have voice with a small touch of subservience. There must be also a touch of despair in his voice since he was made reliable for things he could not do but Tehsaron wanted him to do (can not reveal more yet :) )

Voice acting amount: small

Sample lines:

" Sire, I
I cannot murder children."

" As on the battlefields as your enemy, it is an honor to fight
at your side as well, Warchief Hethu."


Description: Valerius once was the Grand Marshall of the Alliance but he got murdered by the undead avatar of his brother. Now he's some kind of a ghost that always appears when some kind of "good soul" is needed. He's a mysterious guy and yet no one knows why he returns in his new ghost form.

Voice acting issues: Valerius should have a warm voice like a grandfather speaking to his grandchild.

Voice acting amount: average

Sample lines:

" You are right, my friend. It changes naught. It does
not change the injustice to you, to Azeroth. It does not even change
anything about what can and will happen."

" We both got a second chance to turn the tables, my friend. We
have to take the precious opportunity the gods gave us."

Female characters

Jaina Proudmoore

Description: No description needed

Voice acting issues: A confident straight voice of a human female leader with some touch :)

Voice acting amount: average

" Thrall and I agree that we have to find the source first.
Thus, we may have a chance of either using it's energy for our plans, or
otherwise destroy it."

" Johanna. Hurry, our friends need your help. Concentrate on my
thoughts, I will lead you the way."


Description: a female Troll Warlord (shaman) who's member of the warlord council

Voice acting issues: well, just try you best to do a cool Troll girl :)

Voice acting amount: small

" You seem to overstate yet again Varath. Yo mon, we've had
cusualties, but da Alliance will fall back again. We've gotta get dem to
negotiate again."


We have also left some minor roles for Alliance soldiers who have only few lines to speak. So feel free to send your audtions for them too. Here are some sample lines.

" Quiet back there. We passed the border. Keep your
eyes open. There have been reports of increased Scourge activity in
this region."

" ...and then I said to him, you look at my wife that way
again, I'll pour that bucket over you too."

" You won't believe how 'he' looked at me."

Any questions? Feel free to contact me: