Saturday, October 24, 2009

Veil of Corruption II: Rotten Soul (Lorc's Song)

We've just released the first trailer to VoC II. It's not a classic style trailer but a music video. It shows several scenes from the movie by telling the story of Lorc, one of our main chars. It begins where the storyline of chapter I ends showing the fate of Lorc after he lost his wife and job.

We wrote and recorded a song for this video called "Rotten Soul (Lorc's Song). You can listen to this song using the widged in right top corner. If you loved the song or want to support our project you can also buy this song as mp3 from e.g. amazon or iTunes for a cheap prize.

gamona/ wrote an article about the movie. Take a look here (German language only)

Here is the link list to videostreams and download sources.