Sunday, February 6, 2011

VoC II on Firemage Radio

I recently got a message from Craigh Laughlin aka Craig the Patiant who's General Manager and Director of Operations for Fire Mage Radio ( He offered me to support Veil of Corruption and the first result is this audio trailer airing till release on

Listen to the audio trailer.

Im glad to announce two interview sessions on February, 9th and February 10th with some of our voice actors and our team.

So don't miss to listen that station the next days to get recent news on Veil of Corruption.

Im really looking forward to the 11th and I'm curious about what all of you guys think.

At least I also did a 12 minute long audio summary of Veil of Corruption Chapter 1. You can watch it on YouTube.


  1. Thanks for this movie...i love it :D

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