Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recent status of Veil of Corruption II

Hey there everyone,

it's been a while since we got some activity on our blog sites.

Since my team members and I were asked a lot of times about the release date of Veil of Corruption II I will try to give you a status update on our recent project.

The good news: the release date is not far away.

We've finished the German version of the movie about one month ago. We've already made the teaser trailer (not yet released but soon). We've even finished a film poster for Veil of Corruption.

As you can see we've managed a lot the last weeks. The major problem at the moment is the English voice acting. There is some delay on the voice recordings at the moment. But we are working on fixing these problems.

So we hope to get finished soon, since it is of course a lot of work to make the dub version.

I'm also sorry that I did not answere some of the offers of voice actors the last weeks. At the moment there is no further need for voice actors. So as long as this situation is not changing I will not need additional VAs.


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  1. It's a new year now, current status on the project? :D