Thursday, October 23, 2008

We need a blog...

Yes well.
It is time for a blog on "Blackhand Pictures Machinima". So here it is.

A short introduction about who we are and what we do.

We are a small group of machinima fans from Germany. We all play or played World of Warcraft and about one and a half year ago we were impressed by the upcoming talents on the WoW machinima scene. We decided to start machinimating for ourselfs. 
The first projects were small machinimas like PvP-movies or promotion movies for our raid.

In 2006 we wanted to do something bigger and more impressive than small videos. We decided to write a plot for full length storyline machinima. Veil of Corruption was born and in June 
2008 we published the movie. 

You can download or stream Veil of Corruption Chapter 1 here.

Right now we are working on the sequel to Veil of Corruption which was planned as a trilogy with a related storyline.

The team:
Several people are members of the BHP-team:

Varath: leader and video editing
Alloron: storyline and screenplay
Mahamari/Ludvera: assistance, storyline and voice acting
Khirutika: voice acting
Tehsaron: voice acting
Ineluki: voice acting
Blackeurope: storyline and World of Warcraft lore


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